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About Tunwal

Tunwal ebike works with eco-friendly motto. To Save the earth.

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Our Growth

We are the fastest growing ebike manufacturer in India.

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Company Philosophy

We believe in advance technology without leaving nature behind.

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A Wide Range Of Premium ebike

ebike benefits

"Save The Environment, Save The Future"

Tunwal Electric Bikes Green & Clean
  • Zero Carbon-dioxide
    Emission. Reduce the Pollution.
  • Noise Free Operation.
  • Zero Petrol Emission, By this it helps to
    Save the Earth.
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Benefits ofTunwal E-Bikes
  • No License & registration
  • Zero Maintenance Free Drive.
  • Powered by Lithium Ion batteries
    Quick Recharge Capacity
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Have Questions?

How fast can ebike go?

Tunwal E-Bike offers two different type of E-Bikes. One comes with limited speed up to 25 Kilometers per hours on road. In other models of E-Bike speed is 60Km to 70Km per hour on the road. The E-Bike motors are highly capable to sustain the load.

Do I need a driving license?

The answer is NO, you do not. As per current law, a motor vehicle having less than 250 watts of power and traveling at a speed less than 25kmph is exempt from these requirements. Tunwal E-Bikes have exemption certificates from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), to this effect. Therefore, it is NOT under the jurisdiction of any Road Transport Authority. That means you can operate it without a license.

What kind of Batteries can I expect from Tunwal E-Bikes?

Tunwal offers 12V, 62Ah Lead Acid, and 60V, 40Ah Lithium Ion Batteries. The Lead Acid Battery offers 500 Cycles and Lithium-Ion Battery offers 1500 Cycles. These all batteries come with zero maintenance cost with 1year warranty in Lead acid and 2-year warranty in Lithium-Ion batteries.

Do your batteries offers overcharge and under charge protection?

Both our batteries and chargers offer low and high voltage & current protection. Therefore, you are protected against accidental overcharging and undercharging, both of which can damage the battery. The charger has smart sensors to determine the current level of charge and it will accordingly charge the battery.

Can I test drive before purchase?

You can always have a test drive at your nearest dealer or get in touch with us and we will connect you to an existing customer of Tunwal E-Bikes for a first-hand demo and honest feedback of our products and service.

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