Benefits of Buying Storm Advance Dual Seater

About Storm Advance Dual Seater
This time Tunwal ebike comes with double seat model of storm Advance. The dual seat allows two people to drive comfortable and flawless drive. This dual seat is made for handicap people who want to travel but not able by themselves.  This ebike allows them.

Storm Advance Dual Seater

This electric bike looks like a single-seater model. There is large legroom for the driver. The design is first what customer notice first if they satisfied with it they are going to buy it. The headlamp and indicator lights increase the overall look.

This electric bike is integrated with telescopic suspension in the front and adjustable suspension in the rear. The suspension is what the first customer ask about the company. Like ebike manufacturer, Tunwal solved this problem with the dual suspension.

The whole load is on the tire so it has to be strong. The tubeless tire increases the comfortable and gives better driving experience. It makes grip with road and runs smoothly. The beautiful alloy wheel gives extra strength and enhances the overall look. Front tire has disk brake and rear has drum brake.

There is two battery option available one is a Lead acid which comes with one year warranty and Li-ion comes with two years warranty. The battery takes 6 to 7 hours to fully charge and consume of only one unit of electricity and runs up to 70 KM.
is helpful in driving. The charging point in ebike is new and useful features of the e-bike. It also has Special Features

The leading ebike manufacturer Tunwal continuously research and develop new useful technology which reverses gear and is necessary because it is hard for handicap people to move ebike. It has three different speed modes which give better riding experience. There are various colors available to choose from and this ebike is ARAI certified which ensures safety as well as comfortable.

The seat is made for a comfortable experience for both of the riders. This ebike provides armrest and backrest for driver and as well for a pillion. The size of the seat is large and can accommodate different sizes of bodies comfortably.

The maintenance cost is minimal than conventional ones. The rider of ebike saves more money than the petrol powered bikes. There is no headache of regular servicing and oil changing.

Helping to Save Environment
We have to use natural resource wisely and help to prevent the earth from global warming. One of the reason is carbon emission from gasoline vehicles. E-bike helps to prevent pollution in the atmosphere. Tunwal Private Limited support the clean India green India and make products eco-friendly. We have to save nature for next generation so start using ebike instead of conventional ones.

Subsidiaries Vehicle
The government provides a subsidy to purchase ebike to save the environment. With the subsidy, the price of ebike becomes affordable to purchase. The government provides a subsidy to increase the use of e-bikes and save the environment. Hope you will buy ebike instead of conventional ones in the future.

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