Benefits of Buying Storm Advance Single Seater Electric Bike

About Storm Advance Single Seater Electric Bike

This time Tunwal comes with the single-seater electric bike especially to comfort and effortless drive for handicap people. They design this ebike for people who are not able to move by themselves. The reverse gear feature used in this ebike which is generally used in cars for hurdle free ride.

Storm Advance Single Seater

Design of Storm Advance Single Seater

The good design increases the performance. Storm Advance is designed to increase the comfort level for handicap people and give them better ride experience. The designs of headlamp and side indicator increase the overall look. The backrest and armrest are very important for handicap people while driving and this electric bike has both these features which gain the comfortable. These features make it stylish ebike in India.

Suspension OF Storm Advance Single Seater

 A suspension is a most important feature of ebike. There is front telescopic suspension and has dual back suspension for extra comfort. Front wheel has disc brake and the rear wheel has drum brake. Indian people seek for good comfort while ride so the ebike manufacturer make hard effort to improve it.

Security Features In Storm Advance Single Seater

There is no need to buy any additional security equipment to protect it. All of Tunwal electric bikes are integrated with advance anti-theft alarm feature. So it needs to worry about after park it. Security purpose is most important nowadays and this ebike satisfy it.

Tires In Storm Advance Single Seater

The tubeless tires are used in all Tunwal ebikes. Tubeless tire provides extra comfort while driving and increase the safety against the tyre bust. The tubeless give makes superior grip to the road. There are alloy wheels which give sporty look.

Battery of Storm Advance Single Seater

A battery is very important in ebikes. The manufacturer provides two options like Lead Acid which comes with 1-year warranty and Li-ion battery comes with two years warranty. This takes 6-six to seven hours to fully charge and runs up to 70 km.

Features to be consider

Like facility of a digital speedometer and various colors available to choose makes it stylish e-bike of India. Tunwal is leading manufacturer in India to constant research and makes ebikes with advanced features and reliability. This model is ARAI certified. The electric bike chassis is made with a highly rigid tabular frame which provides extra strength. The seat is wide and easy to accommodate various body sizes. The new feature is a three-speed motor which allows running vehicle on three different speeds. For charging purpose there is a facility of the USB port.

Storage of Storm Advance Single Seater

There is large space for storage under seat. There is large space for a store from helmet to other things. It is very important to have dickey or dedicated space for storage in electric bike.

Environmental Friendly

The ebikes has no emission of harmful gases which are produced by petrol powered vehicles. The running cost of electric bikes is very low. The ebikes are environmentally friendly and help to prevent ecosystem. There are many benefits of ebike over petrol powered bikes. It reduces the cost per kilometer and very beneficial for who travels daily. It is our responsibility to save the environment and reduces the greenhouse gases which generally emits from gasoline vehicles.

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