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The Tunwal E-Vehicle PVT LTD is leading electric bike manufacturer in India. The Tunwal E-vehicle has six different models and here we compare these models in speed, battery, look and other latest features. The technology is much more improved than ten years ago.

These electric bikes have differed in battery capacity, look, speed and applications. With this list, you are able to choose the best electric bike for yourself.

Storm ZX – Stylish Electric Bike In India

strom zx electric bike in india

First in this list is Storm ZX. The Storm ZX is designed beautifully according to latest trends. It has not only designed well but also has the latest features like there is remote key for engine start and off and with it we can also lock and unlock an electric vehicle. There are an advanced engine lock and anti-theft alarm for extra safety.

In this electric vehicle, there are two battery options available and are Lead acid and Li-Ion which have different power output and have a warranty of one and two years respectively. Now the speed, this model Storm ZX has a high speed of 65 km/hr.

The battery took six to seven hours for the full charge and consumes one unit of electricity. It is good options for daily use as it is economically beneficial.


sport 63 55km best electric bike in india

The next electric bike in this list is Sports 63. The Sports 63 has three different models Mini, Mid and Super. These models have different battery capacity and speed. The Mini model has 55 kilometers, Mid model has 75 kilometers and Supermodel has the highest 150 kilometers run on a single charge.

These models have also two battery options of Lead-acid and Li-Ion battery. The battery took six to seven hours to charge and consumes only one unit of electricity.

All electric vehicles from Tunwal come with tubeless tires which give extra grip and add extra safety. It is also long-lasting. The Mini model has two-speed controls and Mid and Super models have three-speed controls for extra speed.

The seats of the electric bikes are super smooth and comfortable for the ride. Two people can easily ride with these electric vehicles.


electrica 48 e bike manufacturers

Move on to next electric bike Electrika 48. The Electrika 48 has more legroom for storage of goods. It has more legroom than any other models. With Electrika 48 one can move small to large goods easily.

The wheel size is larger than other models for extra comfort and grip on the road. The main function of Electrica 48 is it has keyless operations which make it more convenient to use.

Both the rear and front tire have disk brakes. The newly developed braking system gives an easy ride for the rider.

The main feature of an electric bike is the suspension. Without proper suspension, the rider does not happy with the riding. There are two models are available, one is run up to 85 kilometer and other runs 140 kilometers on the single charge.

When you move goods or ride with family the frame has to be strong. There is a highly rigid tabular frame for the safe ride. It has also three-speed options. The Electrika 48 is the best budget buy for every type of riders.

The motor is bladeless DC motor runs smoothly and give the comfortable ride. There are three-speed controls and the entire motor compartment is waterproof.

Storm Advance

Complete the list with Storm Advance. It is available in single and dual seat options. This model is specially designed for physically challenged people. The seats are quite impressive and very comfortable to seat.

For rider, there is armrest and backrest. The armrest and backrest are also available for pillion rider in two-seat model.

In this electric bike, there is plenty of space for storage. The Storm Advance has the tubeless tire, hydraulic suspension and many features as other models of Tunwal E-Vehicle.

Storm Advance Dual Seater

This model has three wheels so the question is how to reverse it. For the convenient of rider, there is reverse gear.

The electric bike doesn’t require any government registrations. The state government also provide the subsidy to promote the electric vehicles in place of conventional fuel vehicles.

The humans are using more and more natural resources and this emits more greenhouse gases which is the reason for environmental issues. People have to use more and more electric vehicles instead of conventional petrol-powered vehicles.

The government has to be aware the people to use e-bikes. The running cost of the electric bike is very low than conventional ones. The electric bikes required very low maintenance and the e-bikes are very safe.

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