Lithium Ion VS Lead Acid Batteries

Before starting the comparison between Lithium-ion and Lead Acid batteries let’s see the role of batteries in the electric bike.

The electric bike or scooter has an intricate lighting system, an electric start and other accessories. The battery is as powerful to support all these without disturbing the sensitive electronic parts with spikes and surges. And in the end it must start the engine and runs it.

Before starting discussing let’s see how the battery works.

Basic Battery Operation

Lithium Ion VS Lead Acid Batteries

The battery works by converting the chemical energy into electrical energy. The battery block contains electrodes (such as metal that have electricity) merged with an electrolyte (liquid or other substance like a gel that contains electrically charged particles/ions). The chemical reaction occurred between the ions in the electrolyte and electrodes produce an electric current.

In the basic operations, there is the vast difference between lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Let’s see the Lead-Acid battery


There are many vehicles like motorcycles, electric scooters, Jet Ski and ATVs used lead-acid batteries.

The conventional lead-acid battery has sulphuric acid as the electrolyte and leads alloy electrodes.

While using the battery (discharging), the electrolyte-electrode chemical reactions make the acid break down into the water. On the opposite side, the charging binds up the water molecules back to the acid electrolyte. This process splits water into oxygen and hydrogen and they are released through vents.

In the battery, a single cell produces 2 volts of electricity and a 12 V battery contains six cells connected in series.

With the development in technology, there is maintenance free lead-acid batteries are available. They have Seal and these batteries don’t require a vent but it is given in case of overcharging.

Modern-day model uses the absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology, where there is a fine fiberglass mat between the electrodes. The mat absorbs excess acid and retains oxygen created during the charging process. The oxygen recombines with active materials, which forming water.

Is Lead-acid battery maintenance free?

Any batteries required maintenance. If you have battery operated vehicle and you use it daily, just clean the terminals. But if you don’t use your electric bike for a longer time than the battery requires special care.

Keep in mind that, the electric system draws some power even it is not in use. This is the reason behind the battery discharging over time. The lead-acid batteries are also self-discharge with the time. During the discharge, the by-product of lead sulfate coats the electrode plates. The surface area is minimized and the battery capacity is reduced. A normal charging reverses the process.

If the battery is not charged for a long time, there is too much lead. After so much sulfation, the charging will not help. A discharged battery leads to internal corrosion and also may lose the connections inside the battery.

If you are not using your electric vehicle for the longest time, remove the lead-acid battery and connect with the trickle charger.

Used in electric vehicles like

– Mobility Scooter

– Golf Cart

– Electric Scooter

– Electric Moped

– Electric ATV

– Car

– Boat

– Motorcycle

Advantages of Lead-Acid Batteries

– The lead-acid batteries are using worldwide as they are inexpensive to manufacture.

– The batteries are reliable and lasting for the difficult condition with little or no maintenance.

– People see these batteries as dangerous but the battery is almost recyclable. The Sulfuric acid is safely neutralized and lead and polypropylene case can be used to make another battery.

– The lead-acid batteries are easy to transport.

Disadvantages of Lead-Acid Batteries

– The batteries are heavy as per their capacity.

– If it is not properly recycled, it may be harmful to the environment.

– The Lead-Acid batteries have a limited lifespan.

– These batteries are under class 8 regulation as it has a risk of fire if shorted.

Lithium-Ion Batteries


In the past few years, lithium-ion batteries are more popular as they are lightweight and have compact design than lead-acid batteries.

The Lithium-ion battery has lithium as a positive electrode and a carbon/graphite as a negative electrode and also an electrolyte comprised of a lithium component and an organic solvent. As the name suggests in the lithium-ion cell the lithium ions move between electrodes in the charging and discharging process.

These batteries have various forms with different amount of manganese, nickel, iron and cobalt combined with lithium. The Lithium-ion phosphate batteries are generally used for electric vehicles as they are more stable and have no problem of thermal overrun.

In the discharging process, the lithium ions move to the positively charged electrode. The flow of electrons (subatomic particles with a negative electric charge) produces electric current. In the charging process above process is reversed.

Single battery cell generates 3.2 volts and the four cells combined generate 12.8 V. Connect additional battery packs for more power for your electric vehicle.

The above image is the Li-ion cell.

The Li-ion battery used in

– Electric Scooter

– Electric Skateboard

– Hoverboard

– Electric Bike

– Electric motorcycle

– Segway

– Unicycle

Advantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries

– The main advantage of Lithium-ion battery is its energy density. The Lead-acid battery required six cells while Li-ion battery produces same with only four cells.

– The batteries have better resilience to self-discharge and hold a charge for longer time.

– The Lithium-Ion batteries are safer to the environment.

Disadvantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries

– An internal electronic circuitry is required to keep safe cells from discharging or overcharging in high temperatures and current surges.

– Almost all the lithium-ion batteries have a specific charger to charge, you cannot charge every battery with a universal charger, and this could damage the battery.

– Lithium-Ion batteries are expensive than lead-acid batteries.

– For Air travelers, it is necessary that they carry battery onboard and don’t place it in luggage.

Final words

The lead-acid batteries are most commonly used in modern day electric vehicles and required replacement time to time. The Lithium-Ion battery is the future of electric transportation. The lead-acid batteries have more maintenance cost than lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion batteries provide more energy density.

Lithium-Ion batteries are costly but it also has higher performance and reliability. The use of lead-acid batteries in electric vehicles is decreased as the modern day electric vehicle tends to be lightweight. A lithium-ion battery is more suitable for modern day electric vehicles.

How Lithium-ion Batteries Work?

The Lithium-ion batteries are more popular these days. These batteries are in products like the laptop, mobile phone, PDAs and other battery operated gadgets. There are also some rechargeable batteries are available.

These batteries are also famous for occasionally blast. These blasts are not happening often. It blasts one or two per million packs. Whenever it happens it causes more damage to the device and surrounding items. If the failure is the increase, the manufacturer recalls the batteries, which cost them millions of dollars.

So the question is why are these batteries are popular, what is the reason for burst and how to prevent from early discharges.

The Li-ion batteries are light-weight with other same size batteries. The electrodes are used in the battery are lightweight lithium and carbon. The lithium is highly reactive material and can store lots of energy in its atomic bonds and this translates into a high energy density. Let’s understand by simple comparison.

The one kilogram of Li-ion battery can store up to 150 watt-hours of electricity and same weight of NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) can store up to 100 watt-hours and a lead-acid battery can store only 25 watt-hours. To store the same amount of energy of one-kilogram Li-ion battery required six kilograms of the lead-acid battery.

The Li-ion holds their charges. It only loses five percent of charge per month while NiMH loses around 20 percents.

The Li-ion battery does not have memory effect means it does not require fully discharge before charging. This battery can handle lots of charge and discharge cycles.

The disadvantage of Li-ion Battery

The lifespan of Li-ion battery is last for two or maybe three years. After the manufacturing, the battery loses it charges whether it is in use or not.

The Li-ion batteries are highly temperature sensitive. As the temperature increases the rate of discharging fast than normal.

Just never completely discharge Li-ion battery if it happens the battery is dead.

Li-ion battery pack required a computer to manage it and this increase the overall cost.

There is the minimum chance to the failure of Li-ion battery and if happens it will burst.

Inside Li-ion Cell

The Li-ion battery packs are available in different shape and size but they all look like same from inside. If you take a laptop battery pack and take apart you will see following items. **

The Li-ion cells look like AA cells or like prismatic means square or rectangular.

There are one or more temperature sensors to monitor battery temperature.

The voltage converter and regular circuit make the safe battery from high voltage and current conditions.

There is a shielded connector that let power and information flow in and out from the battery pack.

The voltage tap, monitor the energy capacity of individual cells.

The battery charge state monitor, a small computer who observes the complete charging process and makes sure that battery is fully charged.

If the battery gets too hot while charging or in use, the computer shut down the power flow and start the cooling process. Like we discuss if the battery pack is completely discharged the battery pack will shut down because the cells are dead. The computer also keeps track of charge and discharge cycle and also sends the information to battery meter which shows the information that charging in the battery.

The little computer takes power from batteries. It is the main reason that Li-ion battery loses its five percent power every month.

**Note: We never recommended taking out laptop battery and taking apart, if you did there may be a chance of a short circuit.

Best Electric Bike In India – Most Trusted Electric Bikes

The Tunwal E-Vehicle PVT LTD is leading electric bike manufacturer in India. The Tunwal E-vehicle has six different models and here we compare these models in speed, battery, look and other latest features. The technology is much more improved than ten years ago.

These electric bikes have differed in battery capacity, look, speed and applications. With this list, you are able to choose the best electric bike for yourself.

Storm ZX – Stylish Electric Bike In India

strom zx electric bike in india

First in this list is Storm ZX. The Storm ZX is designed beautifully according to latest trends. It has not only designed well but also has the latest features like there is remote key for engine start and off and with it we can also lock and unlock an electric vehicle. There are an advanced engine lock and anti-theft alarm for extra safety.

In this electric vehicle, there are two battery options available and are Lead acid and Li-Ion which have different power output and have a warranty of one and two years respectively. Now the speed, this model Storm ZX has a high speed of 65 km/hr.

The battery took six to seven hours for the full charge and consumes one unit of electricity. It is good options for daily use as it is economically beneficial.


sport 63 55km best electric bike in india

The next electric bike in this list is Sports 63. The Sports 63 has three different models Mini, Mid and Super. These models have different battery capacity and speed. The Mini model has 55 kilometers, Mid model has 75 kilometers and Supermodel has the highest 150 kilometers run on a single charge.

These models have also two battery options of Lead-acid and Li-Ion battery. The battery took six to seven hours to charge and consumes only one unit of electricity.

All electric vehicles from Tunwal come with tubeless tires which give extra grip and add extra safety. It is also long-lasting. The Mini model has two-speed controls and Mid and Super models have three-speed controls for extra speed.

The seats of the electric bikes are super smooth and comfortable for the ride. Two people can easily ride with these electric vehicles.


electrica 48 e bike manufacturers

Move on to next electric bike Electrika 48. The Electrika 48 has more legroom for storage of goods. It has more legroom than any other models. With Electrika 48 one can move small to large goods easily.

The wheel size is larger than other models for extra comfort and grip on the road. The main function of Electrica 48 is it has keyless operations which make it more convenient to use.

Both the rear and front tire have disk brakes. The newly developed braking system gives an easy ride for the rider.

The main feature of an electric bike is the suspension. Without proper suspension, the rider does not happy with the riding. There are two models are available, one is run up to 85 kilometer and other runs 140 kilometers on the single charge.

When you move goods or ride with family the frame has to be strong. There is a highly rigid tabular frame for the safe ride. It has also three-speed options. The Electrika 48 is the best budget buy for every type of riders.

The motor is bladeless DC motor runs smoothly and give the comfortable ride. There are three-speed controls and the entire motor compartment is waterproof.

Storm Advance

Complete the list with Storm Advance. It is available in single and dual seat options. This model is specially designed for physically challenged people. The seats are quite impressive and very comfortable to seat.

For rider, there is armrest and backrest. The armrest and backrest are also available for pillion rider in two-seat model.

In this electric bike, there is plenty of space for storage. The Storm Advance has the tubeless tire, hydraulic suspension and many features as other models of Tunwal E-Vehicle.

Storm Advance Dual Seater

This model has three wheels so the question is how to reverse it. For the convenient of rider, there is reverse gear.

The electric bike doesn’t require any government registrations. The state government also provide the subsidy to promote the electric vehicles in place of conventional fuel vehicles.

The humans are using more and more natural resources and this emits more greenhouse gases which is the reason for environmental issues. People have to use more and more electric vehicles instead of conventional petrol-powered vehicles.

The government has to be aware the people to use e-bikes. The running cost of the electric bike is very low than conventional ones. The electric bikes required very low maintenance and the e-bikes are very safe.

Petrol bikes VS Electric bikes

The electric scooters are known for low maintenance, economical and pollution free. The electric bikes in India are very popular but they had struggled when it launched. People generally didn’t except it very fast but after a performance, it is very popular these days and the number of electric bikes is increasing rapidly.

So what is the difference between electric and petrol scooter. The petrol bike got power from its internal combustion engine and requires petrol as fuel while the electric bike has an electric motor which got power from the battery pack which already installed in electric bike. The battery is not the same as a petrol bike have as it drives the electric bike. There is 48 Volt battery contains four 12 Volt batteries in series connection. The battery capacity is from 20AH to 40AH depend from a motor. The motor is available from 250 Watt to 500 Watts. As the power increase, the price also rises with it.

The electric scooter comes with very less maintenance and Li-Ion or Lead- Acid battery. In the accessories, the battery charger comes with it to charge it anywhere. The rider has to connect the charger to a battery to charge it. The charging time is around 6 to 8 hours depends on different battery capacity. The electric scooter runs up to 75 to 100 km as per battery capacity. As per the manufacturer, the battery took 1 unit of electricity which is extremely low against the petrol price. The petrol scooter required regular maintenance where the electric one requires comparatively very low maintenance. As per environment perspective, the electric scooter wins the race against the conventional ones.

The running cost of electric bikes is very low compared to petrol bikes. The electric bikes don’t require any registration. It also doesn’t require the license and not to pay road tax. The state and central government provide a subsidy for an electric scooter. We have to use more and more electric vehicles to save the environment. Tunwal E-Vehicle PVT LTD is leading electric vehicle manufacture in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. There are different models according to a requirement like Storm ZX, Mini Sport 63, SuperSport 63, Storm Advance, Elektrika 48 and Lithino-Li and these models have various variants as per need. All the electric bikes are made with the latest technology and have a strong build quality. There are dealers are available in all over India. Visit your nearest branch for more information.

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How to Get Government Subsidy on Tunwal Electric Bikes

Subsidy on Tunwal Electric Bikes In India

Like we said more and more people use electric vehicles these days. Tunwal E-Vehicle PVT LTD is leading e-bike manufacturer in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The people are more conscious about environment protection and minimize the use of petrol powered vehicles and the other reason is the subsidy given by State as well Central Government. Government advertises more and more to use an electric vehicle instead of conventional ones. The Government starts the subsidy scheme to promote Clean India Green India and increase the use of the electric vehicle. The subsidy scheme is for battery-powered two-wheelers.

How to get a subsidy on e-vehicles

Now the question is how to get a subsidy on e-vehicles? The applicants have to follow the procedure to get a subsidy. First is who can apply? The students of STD 9 to 12 and college students from Gandhinagar, Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Surat cities and under the urban development agencies of these cities. The student can apply for one application only. So where to get the application form? It is available from the dealers of authorized manufacturers and dealers by GEDA (Gujarat Energy Development Agency). Which documents are required for application? The student has to provide the bonafide certificate of the year 2017-2018. The valid Identity Card is essential for it.

The self-attested copy of last year mark sheet. The student has to submit the self-attested copy of Aadhar Card or Driving Licence. For residence proof the self-attested copy of Electricity Bill or Building Text receipt is required. The caste certificate attested by gazette officer is required. The student has to provide a self-attested copy of the driving license for high-speed vehicles. After documentation where to submit it? The applicants have to select the e-vehicle model and submit the application to manufacturer and dealer. Priority has been given on the bases of last year mark sheet, Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes, Women and handicap students. So how much subsidy can the applicant get? There is 10000 INR subsidy from state Government and 7500 from Central Government on the bases of first come first serve. According to terms and condition, the subsidy is credited to a bank account of the applicant. The information regarding authorize manufacturer, models, price and information of their dealers available on the For more inquiry contact Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), Block 11/12. Fourth Floor, Udyog Bhavan, Sector-11, Gandhinagar. You can contact authorize the manufacturer or you can call on 079-23257251-53.

The Tunwal E-Vehicle is an authorized manufacturer. The subsidy is available for all the models of Tunwal e-bikes in India. We have to start using an electric vehicle to save the environment for the next generation. The e-vehicles have low maintenance, easy to ride and it runs 100 kilometers in just 10 rupees. The Tunwal e-vehicle has the strong build quality and it is equipped with the latest features. So visit your nearest dealer for more information.

If you want to buy an electric bike in India please visit:

Why Use Lithium Ion Battery?

First, take a look at how Lithium-Ion invented. The first try to make Lithium battery starts in 1912 by G.N. Lewis. The first commercially non-rechargeable lithium battery is available in 1970. The lithium is light in weight and has higher electrochemical potential and provides high energy density. There were lots of attempts failed to make rechargeable due to an instability of lithium metal during charging. Then researchers concentrate on non-metallic lithium battery with lithium ion. The slightly lower in energy density than lithium the lithium ion is safe and there are some instructions have to follow when charging and discharging.

The first rechargeable lithium-ion battery introduced by Sony Corporation in 1991 and after that, it is available from different manufacturers. The Lithium Ion batteries are better than conventional Lead Acid batteries. The Li-ion batteries charge fast and have a longer lifespan. The Battery life and lifespan are different ones stand for the vehicle runs on a single charge and other is the time of the battery is replaced lasts. The high energy density is the main advantage of lithium-ion battery. The higher energy density is used in e-vehicles and power tools. With the batteries, self-discharging is always a problem. The batteries are self-discharge over the time and it may reduce battery lifespan.

The discharging time of Li-ion is much lower than conventional ones like Ni-Cad and NiMH. The Lithium Ion cells don’t require priming before the first charge. The Lithium-Ion battery doesn’t require regular maintenance. Like Ni-Cad cell required discharge time to time for constant performance. This discharge process is not required for Li-ion cells. Sometimes you have to store a Lithium-Ion battery for a long time without use, so the question is how to store it without damage to the battery.

Well, there are two factors that affect the battery most are temperature and how much charging is required before storing. Instead of full charge, charge around 50%. If you store a battery in discharge condition, the battery goes to discharge state which decreases the capacity of holding a charge. If you full charge battery and store for a longer period it reduces the battery life. You have to charge it 50% after every six months if you want it to store for a longer time.

After coming from storage the battery is in low battery state and it required charging to use it again. There are various kinds of uses of Lithium-Ion battery.  The use depends on where to use the battery. Like the lithium-ion batteries are ideal for mobile phones which have a high current density. The applications like power tools and electric vehicles required higher current density. The disadvantage of a Lithium-Ion battery is aging.

The aging process depends on charge and discharge cycles. Most of the batteries last for 500 to 1000 cycles. The number is increasing with continuous research in this technology for a longer lifespan. Another is the cost. The manufacturing of lithium-ion battery is 40% costly than Nickel Cadmium cell. The Tunwal E-Vehicle PVT LTD uses Lithium-Ion battery for all their electric bikes in India.


How E-Bike Help To Prevent The Environment

As we know the carbon emissions from human activities are raise and become the main reason for global warming. In the atmosphere, we can feel the effect of global warming as the increase in the temperature. We have to take steps to prevent an environment for the next generation. The one way to save the environment is used an electric powered vehicle instead of gasoline powered. The e-bike has many advantages over fossil fuel vehicles.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of electronic bikes.

Main Benefit of e-bike Using

The main benefit of ebike is that they have no carbon emissions. The petrol and diesel powered vehicles emit the different amount of carbon. The e-bike never emits carbon as they run on electric energy. The e-bikes are most stylish than before and have excellent performance in daily use. The running cost is very low then the conventional vehicles. You may contribute to saving the environment with the use of e-bike instead of gas-powered vehicles.

As we early discuss the ebike has no carbon emission which is helpful to prevent ozone layer in the atmosphere. The air we breathe is also clean if we use more and more electronic bike. In mega cities there is biggest problem is raised of Smog mainly caused by Smog. We can solve the problem of pollution with use of more and more ebikes. If we breathe polluted air caused many diseases.

Batteries Used In Ebike

The batteries are used in ebikes have a longer lifespan. We don’t have to change battery time to time as they have very low maintenance and it is also financially beneficial. In the batteries, there is lithium ion used instead of harmful lead. So it is safe after its lifespan. The Li-ion battery is recycled. The cars and trucks batteries have a lead which is very harmful to nature. The Li-ion battery is much safer to the environment than lead powered batteries.

The ebikes required charge once in a day and it can run the whole day. The gasoline vehicles have to continuously monitor on fuel gauge for riding. The ebike battery took up to 5 to 6 hours to fully charge. When you came from your work just pull the charger and battery will be charged for the next day. The running cost of an electronic bike is very less than conventional ones. The hike in crude oil prices increases the running cost of gasoline-powered vehicles.

The popularity of E Vehicles

The popularity of e vehicles is increased in recent years. The people found that the e-bike has very low running and less maintenance. People found that the electronic bike is very helpful to prevent the environment from pollution. The electric vehicle industry is growing more and more in the last few years. There are more and more options available in e-bikes for a consumer to choose from according to their need.

Tunwal is leading e-bike manufacturer in India. With the latest technology and affordable price Tunwal, e-bike comes with many options for daily use. The Tunwal e-bike has best after-sale service to satisfy customers. We have some responsibility towards our nature to prevent them for the next generation. We can contribute to saving the environment with the use of e-vehicles.

Top Electric Bike in India By Tunwal E Vehicle

Tunwal PVT. LTD. is a leading e-bike manufacturer in India. In this article, we will discuss six different ebikes.

There are different kinds of ebike in the market here we discuss top electric bikes according to its speed, battery, applications, look and other latest features.

The ebikes has different variations according to battery, speed and it is very important to choose perfect for you. Here you will find the best ebike for you.

The first one is Storm ZX. It is designed beautifully to increase the comfort level of rider. There is a charging point for charge cell phones during a ride. This electric bike has a remote control feature for convenience. With the remote control, we can start and stop the engine as well lock and unlock it. There is a unique engine lock feature and has an anti-theft alarm for the safety of the vehicle. So without an owner, no one can even move the ebike.

strom zx stylish ebike

More About Storm ZX

There are two battery variants available which are Lead acid and Li-Ion which comes with different power output and has one year and two years warranty respectively. The high speed of this ebike is 65 km/hr. It takes six to seven hours and consumes only one unit of electricity and it is very economically for daily use.

Another from Tunwal E Vehicle is Sports 63. It has three different models namely Mini, Mid and Super. The three models have different specifications for battery and speed. The mini model run up to 55 km in a single charge. The Mid model has 7h km and the supermodel has 150 km run in single charge. There are two battery options available of Lead-acid and Li-Ion options. The battery takes 6 to 7 hours to charge and consume only one unit of electricity.

mid sport 63 ebike

More About Sports 63

The Tunwal E Vehicle uses tubeless tires in all their vehicles. Tubeless tires have a superior grip on roads and provide extra safety on road. The lifespan of the tubeless tire is long-lasting. The Mini model has 2 and Mid and Supermodel have 3 different speed controls available. The seat setup is accommodating two people easily. The beautiful LED headlights enhance the beauty of e-bike.

Ahead in the list is Electrika 48. The Electrika 48 has more storage space in the legroom. The wheel size is big than other models which increase the comfortable. The keyless operations make it very simple to use. On both the tires have rear and front have disk brakes for extra safety. The new and advanced regenerating breaking system make it very comfortable. This model is used for transport of small to big items.

eleketrika 48 powerful ebike

More About Electrika 48

The most important feature of an electric bike is a suspension. If a suspension is not comfortable the rider feels not satisfied with driving. There are two variants available of 85 km and 140 km run on a single charge. The chassis is very strong and made with a highly rigid tabular frame to increase safety while driving. The three-speed control option is also available. This is a budget buy option for everyone.

The Lithino-Li is latest and highest selling ebike of Tunwal E Vehicle. The Lithino-Li is packed with the latest features in it. The remote key available in this model. There is a backrest for pillion for extra comfort. The seat is ultra soft and gives high comfort while driving. There is a hydraulic suspension in the front and telescopic suspension in rear tire is available in all the models of Tunwal E Vehicle. There are footrests available for a pillion. The beautiful LED headlights and indicator lights increase the overall look. The tubeless tire makes a soothing performance.

Lithino-Li Stylish Electric bike In India

More About Lithino-Li

The charging time is only one to two hours and runs up to 75 Km.  The max speed is 65 km/hr and it is high than other brands model. The bladeless DC motor makes run comfortable and hurdle free. The three-speed control makes it more reliable. The motor compartment is fully waterproof.

In the last there is model name Storm Advance comes with single and dual seat options available. This particular model is useful and designs especially for handicap people. The seat upholstery is nice and gives extra comfort. The armrest and backrest are available for both driver and pillion. This model is three wheeler and it is easy to operate for handicap people. There is a large space for storage in this e-vehicle.

Storm Advance Dual Seater

More About Storm Advance

Like other models, tubeless tire and hydraulic and telescopic suspensions are in this e-bike. The reverse feature is available in this three-wheeler model for convenience.

The e-vehicle doesn’t require any government registration. The government also provide subsidy on it to promote e-vehicles. We humans are always wanted more and more and fulfill our requirement we use natural resources and indirectly harm the nature. The problem of global warming is rise with the unlimited use of natural resources. The emission of greenhouse gases is increasing more and more nowadays. We have to use e-vehicle instead of conventional petrol-powered vehicles. The government has to the aware the public to minimize the use of gasoline vehicles and increase the use of e-vehicles. The e-bikes are economically and have very low to no maintenance. The e-bikes are safe and easy to ride.

Benefits of Buying Storm Advance Single Seater Electric Bike

About Storm Advance Single Seater Electric Bike

This time Tunwal comes with the single-seater electric bike especially to comfort and effortless drive for handicap people. They design this ebike for people who are not able to move by themselves. The reverse gear feature used in this ebike which is generally used in cars for hurdle free ride.

Storm Advance Single Seater

Design of Storm Advance Single Seater

The good design increases the performance. Storm Advance is designed to increase the comfort level for handicap people and give them better ride experience. The designs of headlamp and side indicator increase the overall look. The backrest and armrest are very important for handicap people while driving and this electric bike has both these features which gain the comfortable. These features make it stylish ebike in India.

Suspension OF Storm Advance Single Seater

 A suspension is a most important feature of ebike. There is front telescopic suspension and has dual back suspension for extra comfort. Front wheel has disc brake and the rear wheel has drum brake. Indian people seek for good comfort while ride so the ebike manufacturer make hard effort to improve it.

Security Features In Storm Advance Single Seater

There is no need to buy any additional security equipment to protect it. All of Tunwal electric bikes are integrated with advance anti-theft alarm feature. So it needs to worry about after park it. Security purpose is most important nowadays and this ebike satisfy it.

Tires In Storm Advance Single Seater

The tubeless tires are used in all Tunwal ebikes. Tubeless tire provides extra comfort while driving and increase the safety against the tyre bust. The tubeless give makes superior grip to the road. There are alloy wheels which give sporty look.

Battery of Storm Advance Single Seater

A battery is very important in ebikes. The manufacturer provides two options like Lead Acid which comes with 1-year warranty and Li-ion battery comes with two years warranty. This takes 6-six to seven hours to fully charge and runs up to 70 km.

Features to be consider

Like facility of a digital speedometer and various colors available to choose makes it stylish e-bike of India. Tunwal is leading manufacturer in India to constant research and makes ebikes with advanced features and reliability. This model is ARAI certified. The electric bike chassis is made with a highly rigid tabular frame which provides extra strength. The seat is wide and easy to accommodate various body sizes. The new feature is a three-speed motor which allows running vehicle on three different speeds. For charging purpose there is a facility of the USB port.

Storage of Storm Advance Single Seater

There is large space for storage under seat. There is large space for a store from helmet to other things. It is very important to have dickey or dedicated space for storage in electric bike.

Environmental Friendly

The ebikes has no emission of harmful gases which are produced by petrol powered vehicles. The running cost of electric bikes is very low. The ebikes are environmentally friendly and help to prevent ecosystem. There are many benefits of ebike over petrol powered bikes. It reduces the cost per kilometer and very beneficial for who travels daily. It is our responsibility to save the environment and reduces the greenhouse gases which generally emits from gasoline vehicles.

More Information About Storm Advance Single Seater: Visit Here

Benefits of Buying Storm Advance Dual Seater

About Storm Advance Dual Seater
This time Tunwal ebike comes with double seat model of storm Advance. The dual seat allows two people to drive comfortable and flawless drive. This dual seat is made for handicap people who want to travel but not able by themselves.  This ebike allows them.

Storm Advance Dual Seater

This electric bike looks like a single-seater model. There is large legroom for the driver. The design is first what customer notice first if they satisfied with it they are going to buy it. The headlamp and indicator lights increase the overall look.

This electric bike is integrated with telescopic suspension in the front and adjustable suspension in the rear. The suspension is what the first customer ask about the company. Like ebike manufacturer, Tunwal solved this problem with the dual suspension.

The whole load is on the tire so it has to be strong. The tubeless tire increases the comfortable and gives better driving experience. It makes grip with road and runs smoothly. The beautiful alloy wheel gives extra strength and enhances the overall look. Front tire has disk brake and rear has drum brake.

There is two battery option available one is a Lead acid which comes with one year warranty and Li-ion comes with two years warranty. The battery takes 6 to 7 hours to fully charge and consume of only one unit of electricity and runs up to 70 KM.
is helpful in driving. The charging point in ebike is new and useful features of the e-bike. It also has Special Features

The leading ebike manufacturer Tunwal continuously research and develop new useful technology which reverses gear and is necessary because it is hard for handicap people to move ebike. It has three different speed modes which give better riding experience. There are various colors available to choose from and this ebike is ARAI certified which ensures safety as well as comfortable.

The seat is made for a comfortable experience for both of the riders. This ebike provides armrest and backrest for driver and as well for a pillion. The size of the seat is large and can accommodate different sizes of bodies comfortably.

The maintenance cost is minimal than conventional ones. The rider of ebike saves more money than the petrol powered bikes. There is no headache of regular servicing and oil changing.

Helping to Save Environment
We have to use natural resource wisely and help to prevent the earth from global warming. One of the reason is carbon emission from gasoline vehicles. E-bike helps to prevent pollution in the atmosphere. Tunwal Private Limited support the clean India green India and make products eco-friendly. We have to save nature for next generation so start using ebike instead of conventional ones.

Subsidiaries Vehicle
The government provides a subsidy to purchase ebike to save the environment. With the subsidy, the price of ebike becomes affordable to purchase. The government provides a subsidy to increase the use of e-bikes and save the environment. Hope you will buy ebike instead of conventional ones in the future.

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