Benefits of Buying Family E bike Mid Sport 63 In India

As pollution is one of the biggest concerns in the changing times, it is crucial to substitute pollution-producing vehicles with environment-friendly ones. Tunwal E bikes have successfully taken the onus of introducing high-quality electric bikes in India at pocket-friendly prices for the customers. More and more people are now trying to substitute conventional bikes with e bike in India. One of the path-breaking models of Tunwal is Mid Sport 63. There a number of benefits of buying and using this family e-bike:

mid sport 63 ebike

  • Beautiful design of E Bike – As is the case with almost all the Tunwal bikes, Mid Sport 63 is also made up in an extremely elegant and stylish manner. The body of the vehicle is made up of class one fibre which is usually used in high-grade petroleum vehicles. For the protection of the frame of the e-bike, Zimbild accessories have been installed in the model. These may cost up to Rs. 4000 when used in petrol-run vehicles. The rear of the vehicle has been given a highly efficient aerodynamic look. The front of the e-bike has been very smoothly designed. There is also a logo of NMEM in the front.
  • Classy and safe tired: Mid Sport 63 has wheel-based tubeless tires which provide a great grip on the road. Tubeless tires provide a lot of safety on road. The durability of the vehicle increases with the help of tubeless tires.
  • Comfortable seating and riding experience on E Bike: As the model is supported with telescopic suspension and disk break, the rider enjoys a comfortable riding experience throughout. The comfort quotient is maintained even if the road is bumpy. Disk brake is a highly advanced braking system that has been efficiently employed by Tunwal E-vehicles in their models.
  • Sufficient leg space in E Bike: The leg space in Mid Sport 63 is sufficiently huge when compared to other petrol-run vehicles.
  • Motor of E Bike: High-quality blade motor has been used in this particular model of Tunwal E-Vehicles. It works like the engine of a car. As the motor is waterproof, it is easy to drive it through one feet deep puddle of water as well. It is a single-socket motor which allows for easy puncture-repairs in the vehicle. A special kind of boost technology has been used in the model which increases the load-bearing capacity and durability of the model.
  • Double shockers: Usually electric bikes in India come with a single shocker. Tunwal e-bikes have adjustable double shockers that provide a safer ride to the riders.
  • Dicky: The dicky of the model is huge. You can easily keep your helmet and other small paraphernalia in it. There is also an MCB system in the dicky. In case of any technical flaws, this MCB ensures that the internal pipe of the model is safe. This makes it a superior model when compared to other electric bikes.

All these features along with other innate Tunwal E-bike features make Mid Sport 63 a highly convenient and luxurious model for the riders.

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Benefits of Buying Stylish E Bike Strom ZX In India

Among all the electric bike manufacturers in India, Tunwal E-vehicle has established has itself as a reputed name. Ever since it came into the E bike market, it has been launching path-breaking e bike in India. One of its biggest bets to date has been the stylish Storm ZX. There are a number of benefits of buying and using this model. They are:

Why You Choose Electric Bike In India?

strom zx stylish ebike

    1. A sleek and stylish frame of the e bike: Storm ZX comes in a number of colours to choose from. It has a stylish LED headlamp and strong indicators with a buzzer. It has a stylish tail light which consumes very less battery. It has a small hook where you can hang and carry small items. The highly rigid tubular frame is a big plus of Storm ZX. It is reinforced by high strength steel chassis.
    2. Charge: Storm ZX is capable of running 75 km on a single charge. The model comes in two battery variants. One is the lead acid battery which comes with a one-year warranty. The other one is the lithium-ion battery which comes with a two-year warranty. The entire life of these batteries is 500 and 1500 cycles respectively. They take 6-7 hours to charge completely and consume only one unit of electricity. The batteries are protected from undercharge and overcharge as the charger comprises of smart sensors that can regulate the flow of current to the battery of the vehicle.
    3. Different key model: A very big plus with Tunwal e bike is that they have a peculiar key model. It is very difficult to duplicate the key of their bikes. Hence the chances of theft have been minimized.
    4. Anti-theft alarm: All the e bike of Tunwal come with anti-theft alarm as against the other e-bikes in India. You won’t have to additionally install an anti-theft alarm system in your e bike to avail its benefits. As soon as someone tries to steal your bike, the alarm will start beeping and the tires will be locked. Hence your bike will be safe.
    5. No problem of suspension: Storm ZX has telescopic suspension and disc brake which make it a highly endurable model. On the rear side, the e bike comes with two shockers. These shockers can be easily adjusted instantly as per your needs.
    6. No registration needed: When you purchase the model, you are given a free card which states that you need not register your e-bike before use. It is also not necessary to have a license for riding Tunwal e-bikes. This is a very big plus with Tunwal bikes and is advantageous over regular bikes in India.
    7. Economical: All the models of Tunwal e bike are highly economical. Storm ZX is priced at a pocket-friendly 50000 INR approximately as against the costly variants of other brands.

All in all, Storm ZX has been a highly successful e-bike model in India. It has been highly appreciated and reviewed by its users.

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There are a number of misconceptions about the electric bike in India. Despite their popularity, these myths often deter users from buying an e-bike for themselves. Due to the growing concern of the customers, we will try to debunk these myths so that you can make a wise decision with regards to the purchase of an e-bike.


dangerous symbol

We haven’t come across any other myth that is so far away from the reality. Electric bikes are safer than the usual motorbikes. In fact, till date, there has been no study or research which shows that e-bikes are dangerous for the customers. They are completely safe not only for the rider but also for the environment. They cause minimal air and noise pollution and are hence trending in this era of environmental concern. They are also safe because the battery of the e-bikes is usually protected from overcharge and undercharge.


heavy symbol

On the contrary, good e-bikes are lighter than the motorbikes. A major fact that many people miss is that the biggest contributor to the overall weight when riding an e-bike is the weight of the rider and not of the bike. Most of the e-bike manufacturers in India produce e-bikes that weight 70 kg on an average. This makes e-bikes lighter than the normal motorbikes which weight 100 kg on an average.


Long Battery Life in tunwal ebikes

Well, it is true but only when you don’t charge it up properly. Even a normal motorbike would get stuck if you don’t fuel it properly. So is the case with e-bikes. If you don’t charge up the battery properly, your e-bike will run of the charge and stop midway. An average e-bike can easily run up to 75 km in one charge.


Electric bikes usually are not as fast as the normal motorbikes. The traditional bike riders might find e-bikes overwhelming because the average speed for an e-bike does not exceed 40 kmph which is way less than a normal motorbike. Hence, e-bikes are not for people who like driving fast or those who have to drive extremely long distances.


The e-bike culture in India is pretty good when compared to some other countries. Standard bikers are becoming more and more tolerant towards e-bikes. There is much less uncertainty about e-bikes compared to motorbikes. The best part is that according to a research conducted by the city of Boulder, there are fewer conflicts between the trail users and minimal crashes and accidents among e-bike users. E-bike users are also very much comfortable with trail etiquettes and ardently obey the traffic rules despite the fact that they don’t need to have a driver’s license.

We hope we have been able to debunk some e-bike myths for you. It is crucial for you to do proper research on e-bikes before forming opinions as not every information is true.

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An Introduction To Electric Bikes

While the market abounds in motorbikes, Electric Bikes will soon be the mode of commutation for almost every household. An important question here is that what exactly are e-bikes? Putting in simple words, e-bikes are like ordinary bikes just that they run on chargeable batteries in place of fuel.

There are varied types of electric bikes that are available in the market. The two major types are:

Pedal assist e-bike: These Electric Bikes come with pedals. Regular pedalling is necessary in order to propel these bikes forward. These e-bikes are usually called pedelecs and usually have a sensor to detect the speed of pedalling and the force of pedalling. Brake activation is also sensed to disable the motor.

Power-on-demand e-bike: These e-bikes have a motor that is activated by a throttle. These e-bikes have a more powerful motor when compared to pedelecs.


The former, however, are more popular throughout the globe. Power-on-demand e-bikes are still struggling to create their foothold in the market. Despite their lack of popularity, we can still find spreading environmental awareness and concern among people which in turn is leading to increasing demand for power-on-demand e-bikes.


Long Battery Life in tunwal ebikes

E-bikes usually use different kinds of batteries. The batteries that are used include nickel-cadmium batteries, sealed lead acid batteries, lithium ion polymer batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries. These batteries vary according to the total charge capacity, voltage, weight ability to handle voltage fluctuation and number of charging cycles.


E-bikes usually have two different kinds of controllers for two different kinds of motors namely, brushless motor or brushed motor. The controller for brushless motor needs to have hall sensor which helps in angle and speed measurement. In the case of brushed motors, such a requirement fades away.


All the electric bikes are usually charged by plugging into ordinary wall outlets. It usually takes eight hours to fully charge an e-bike. However, some of the e-bike manufacturers have started installing high-powered ChadeMo level 2 charger. This particular charger can charge up to 95% in an hour.


no noise

The noise from electric vehicles is almost negligible. They are way quiet than the gas-powered vehicles. Some of the e-bikes are equipped with artificial noise which acts as a safety bonus as the rider can hear the impending danger. However, at high speed, an e-bike is said to screech like a spaceship.

There are a number of e-bike manufacturers in India. The number of these manufacturers is constantly increasing, with each manufacturer bringing in a new and improved offering in the market. There have been pedelecs in India since the year 1993. However, the power-on-demand e-bikes are yet to be taken up in the full swing in the Indian market. Efforts are being taken to accomplish the dream of turning India into an environment-friendly country and improving the trend of e-bikes is one step in furthering towards that direction.

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What Should You Know Before You Order Your First E-BIKE?

Purchasing a two-wheeler involves a decent amount of investment. With the increase in competition in the e-bike market in India, it is extremely important to purchase your first e-bike with great care. There are a number of e-bike manufacturers that offer different features in their respective products. It is hence crucial to study the market and the product extremely well before purchasing it. There are some things that you must keep in mind before purchasing your first e-bike. These are:

mini sport 63 e bike manufacturers in india


Your e-bike should be easy to plug in. Unlike electric cars in foreign countries which can easily be charged at dedicated charging stations, e-bikes in India have to be charged at your home or office. India still doesn’t have charging station system. Usually, an e-bike can be easily charged within 5-7 hours. You can easily travel up to 75-150 km on one charge. Hence, it is extremely crucial to keep this factor in mind when you are purchasing your first e-bike.

Searching For electric bike in india?


Limited distance coverage is an important consideration to be thought of. An e-bike will travel a maximum of 150 km on one charge. This is not the case with motorbikes because you can easily fuel your two-wheeler as and when needed.


E-bikes offer a budget ride to the commuters. An average e-bike costs 38000 INR in the Indian market. This makes e-bikes a pocket-friendly option in comparison to the motorbikes which cost anywhere between 50000-150000 INR in the Indian market. The maintenance cost of the e-bikes is minimum which and you can easily save up to Rs. 25000 every year with them.



E-bikes come with additional features as well. As e-bikes are a newly emerging phenomenon, they are being made with new and improved features. This offers a major plus over the existing motorbike norm in the society. Some of the best-rated e-bikes now come with the anti-theft feature. As per this feature, the wheels of the e-bike automatically get locked whenever someone tries to steal it. Hence this makes e-bike more amenable to acceptance in the Indian market.


The government, in order to promote the use of environment-friendly products, has also provided subsidiary schemes to many e-bike manufacturers in India. The benefit of these subsidiary schemes has been passed on to the customers, hence bringing down the total cost of the two-wheeler to the end customer. This makes e-bikes a more economically viable option when compared to usual motorbikes.


various ebike in india

There are a number of colours in which the e-bikes are available to the customers. Unlike the traditional motorbikes which are available in banal grey, white and black colours, you can find e-bikes in blue, purple, pink and red as well.

E-bikes in India are entirely different in their price, technology and design and are hence highly appreciated by the Indian customers. Keeping these factors in mind shall definitely help you in making your first purchase.

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Why An Electric Bike?

The adoption rate for e-bike is increasing. More and more electric bike manufacturers are emerging in the market. The tempt of electronic bikes in India has increased manifold as the months have passed by. Asia, particularly, is the largest e-bike market. The tempt for e-bikes is for a number of reasons, some of the major ones being:

Green and Clean

Long Battery Life in tunwal ebikes

Electric bikes, as the name suggests, run on electricity which is an environment-friendly source of energy. E-bikes do not have any emissions as such and help in reducing pollution level in the atmosphere. Eco-friendly alternatives are in vogue today because of the concern for rising temperatures throughout the world. In order to save our planet, reducing pollution levels is a must and e-bikes bring us closer to our goal of saving our planet. They also help in cutting down noise pollution levels.

No license needed


Riders of e-bikes usually do not need a license. They also do not need to register their vehicle. As per the law in force in India, bikes which run at a speed of 25 kmph or lesser and which consume less than 250 watts of power are not required to get their own license or register their vehicle. These exemptions allow the vehicle and its rider to not be under the jurisdiction of any Road Transport Authority.

Zero Maintenance Costs

maintenance free ebike

The maintenance level required for the two-wheeler is minimum. Hence the expenses for the electric bike are not extensive and can be easily borne by the rider. E-bikes are usually powered by Lead acid batteries or lithium ion batteries which can be easily charged via a plug socket. These batteries provide 500 and 1500 cycles respectively. You get a 1-year warranty for the lead acid batteries and a 2-year warranty for the lithium-ion batteries. There is no need to fuel your vehicle with petrol or diesel. After all the calculations, we have figured out that you can easily save Rs. 25000 every year if you opt for e-bikes in place of motorbikes.


Electric bikes usually have 40 kmph as their speed limit. Hence speeding is not an option with e-bikes. Another safety quotient of these bikes is that the batteries in e-bikes are completely safe from undercharging or overcharge. In case there is a high or low current flow or voltage fluctuation, the batteries won’t burst as they come with smart sensors which determine the level of charge and then adjust accordingly. Hence the customer is fully protected.

Capital investment factor

The capital investment that you have to do when purchasing an electric bike is nearly the same as that of a motorbike. However, you get variable cost benefits in the long run. Hence, e-bikes are considered to be a better alternative than the motorbikes.

While these are the main features as to why you should invest in an e-bike, it is highly recommended to do company-specific and model-specific research when evaluating different options available in the market.

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Main Differences Between E-Bikes and Conventional Bikes

Electric Bike Manufacturers In India have created a revolution in the transport industry with their offerings. With the increasing amount of pollution in the world, e-bikes entered the market like Manna from heaven. There are a number of things that differentiate an e-bike from the conventional bike.


An e-bike is way safer than the conventional bike because the average speed of an e-bike is lower. The top speed they can have is generally 45 kmph, thus making them a better alternative to the conventional bikes in terms of safety.


The running cost of an e-bike is way lower than the conventional bike. It is a fuel-efficient mode of commuting that can be used every day. A brand new conventional bike has add-on costs like cost of maintenance, cost of fuel etc. The fuel prices have witnessed a constant upward trend whereas the price of electricity is on a downswing. Apart from this, the cost of insuring a conventional bike adds on to the expenses. Such a thing is not mandatory with e-bikes. Hence these are considered to be way more cost effective and pocket-friendly for the customer.


E-bikes in India are comparatively lighter than the conventional bikes. They have an integrated lightweight design that provides greater stability, balance and performance. An average e-bike weights around 70 kgs whereas an average conventional bike weighs 100 kgs. Thereby you can imagine which bike would be easier to handle.

Battery vs Fuel


An e-bike takes approximately 5-7 hours to charge completely. It runs on batteries which are safer for the environment. An average e-bike will run at a cost of Re 1 for 1 km whereas an average conventional bike will move at a cost of Rs. 25 per km. You can save approximately Rs. 25000 every year if you opt for an e-bike for you travelling and commuting purposes.

Apart from this, the batteries of the e-bikes are usually provided undercharge and overcharge protection. Thus, the customer is completely safe from the hazards of under-charging as well as overcharging.

Noise Level

no noise

An e-bike has minimum noise level. On the other hand, a conventional bike after a few years of wear and tear produces high decibel of noise which can cause discomfort to the commuters.

License Requirement


Another important differentiating factor is the requirement of a license. You don’t need a driver’s license when you commute via e-bikes. As per the present law of India, any motor vehicle which has watts of power below 250 and a travelling speed of less than 25 kmph shall not be required to have a driving license.

The times are changing and so is the level of awareness among people. More and more people are now switching to e-bikes after witnessing their environment-friendly performance. It is just a matter of time before the conventional bikes go completely out of use in the Indian scenario.

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How to Choose the Right E-Bike in India?

Buying an e-bike can be a daunting task for people. There are multiple instances when people invested their hard-earned money in an e-bike which didn’t work out very well for them. No e-bike manufacturer will tell you all the factors that you must consider while choosing an e-bike. We have made special efforts to list down all the important determinants that you must check out before choosing your ideal e-bike.

Power and Terrain in Ebike

The first and the foremost factor that should be kept in mind is the power of the e-bike. Your weight and the power of the bike go hand in hand. If you are on the bulkier, we would suggest you buy an e-bike with higher voltage battery and Watt motor. There are usually two types of motors: HUB motors and Mid-drive motors. HUB motors are pretty restrictive when you have to travel on hills or a rugged terrain. They can heat up soon and lose power with time. Hence, they are suitable for a consistent terrain. On the other hand, mid-drive motors are perfect for a rugged terrain.

Batteries in Ebike

Long Battery Life in tunwal ebikes

The battery in an e-bike is more like the gas tanker in your car. Look for the size of batteries in terms of Watt-hours. It will help you in making a good comparison among the available choices.

Speed in E-Bike

lithino li ebike in india

It is a very important consideration that must be taken into account when choosing an e-bike. E-bikes are comparatively slower than the normal petrol scooters. Hence speed becomes a very important parameter. Most of the e-bike brands provide an average of 25 kmph on an average. The top speed that an e-bike will be able to provide you shall be 45 kmph which is way low than the average 100 kmph that is provided by the petrol bikes.

Storage space in e-bike

Storage is another important consideration that must be thought of while purchasing an e-bike in India. In the Indian scenario, the storage capacity of most of the e-bikes is around 25 liters.

Quality and Budget in E-Bike

strom zx ebike with power

There are a number of e-bike manufacturers in India. Some of them are highly appreciated by the Indian customers. Your budget is an important factor to help you determine your ideal e-bike. If you plan to ride often via your e-bike, then buying a cheap model will not do you any good. The bike will wear out easily and quickly. Hence the best quality of e-bike must be chosen from the market.


steel chassis in e-bike

The frame of the e-bike must be looked into when making your choice. After all, no one wants a weakly built e-bike that would not be sturdy and safe on the road. Hence a highly rigid and tabular frame of the bike is a must. Strength and support of steel chassis would be an added advantage for the rider.

It is crucial to consider these factors when choosing your e-bike in India. To get the best possible insights, it is always advisable to take a test drive for assessing the suitability of the product.

Benefits Of Buying Tunwal E-Bikes

Established in the year 2014, Tunwal E-Vehicles had a mission to replace all the gasoline operated bike on the road. It aimed at making the country greener by developing and providing environment-friendly means of commutation to people. Tunwal E-Bikes promises to provide the most cutting-edge technology and the best design and comfort to its customers. The company has set high standards of affordable eco-friendly technology in the market. Being one of the best e-bike manufacturers in India, Tunwal E-Vehicles offers a number of benefits to its customers.

Main Benefits Of Tunwal E-Bikes

Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life in tunwal ebikes

Tunwal E-Vehicles offers different classes of e-bikes. They have Storm ZA, Electrika 48, Mini Sport 63, Mid Sport 63, Lithino-Li and SuperSport 63. All these offerings have a long battery life. The batteries of the bikes take around five to seven hours on an average to charge fully. On a single charge, the vehicle is capable of running for around 75 km to 150 km which is pretty high when compared to the industry standards. In fact, Electrika 48 is capable of running 85 and 140 km per charge, the highest in the industry.

Anti-theft Alarm


This is one of the major pluses in Tunwal e-bikes. To keep your bikes safe, the company has pre-installed an anti-theft alarm in each model. Whenever a thief tries to take your vehicle away, the rear wheel of the bike will get automatically locked and an alarm will be ticked to alert the owner of the vehicle. This is the differentiating feature of the vehicles of the company.

No License Required


Another plus of riding Tunwal e-bikes is that you don’t need a driving license for it. As per the present law of India, any motor vehicle which moves at less than 25 km of speed and has less than 250 watts of power been exempted from having a driving license. Hence this reduces an added burden on the user of the vehicle.

Undercharge and Overcharge Protection


Tunwal E-Vehicles uses 60V, 40 Ah Lithium and 12 V, 62 Ah Lead Acid batteries in their vehicles. Both of these offers complete protection from fluctuation in voltage. Accidental incidences of undercharging and overcharging are taken care of. The charger of the batteries comes with smart sensors which are capable of determining the current level of charge and then regulate it accordingly.

Fewer Maintenance Hassles

maintenance free ebike

Like any other electric vehicle, Tunwal e-bikes too are free of any maintenance hassles. You can save approximately Rs. 25000 that is needed for regular maintenance of the conventional bikes. This makes them highly pocket-friendly.

Charging Point

USB Charging Tunwal E-Bikes

Lithino-Li of Tunwal comes with a USB port for mobile charging. The location of this point offers an added advantage. Usually, this point is provided in the seat of the vehicles which is risky as well as inconvenient. The USB port in Lithino Li is provided in the line horizontal to the keyhole of the vehicle.

Apart from these, the Tunwal e-bikes have a feature that is inherent in all the e-bikes – low noise level. If you are looking for good e-bikes in India, Tunwal e-bikes are the most viable option for you. Their success rate in such a short span of time is the best in the country.

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How e bikes helps to reduce Air Pollution?

Yes, e bikes will help to reduce the air pollution. Nowadays in all over world air pollution problem raise the head. Some major cities like Mumbai, Bajenjing, Delhi are affecting poor air quality. So, these reduce the human life and cause many problems to human. Some government also take action on this and start an odd-even scheme for cars, to reduce the air pollution in cities.

In Delhi, last year in winter because of poor air quality government officially announced that Delhi is not safe for living. Also in schools and offices, they announce holidays for weeks. So, everyone is searching for a solution of this air pollution problem.

In India to reduce or stop air pollution reduce diesel and petrol vehicle use. And start using eco-friendly e bikes and electric vehicles. From last two year, people now start using e bikes and e vehicles. Those who worry about the environment and care about the environment are starting using ebike and e-vehicles.

e bikes benefits and advantages

In India to fulfil the demand of people e bike manufacturers in India produce a wide range of e bikes and government also helps them by giving subsidy.

Advantages of e bikes?

The main advantage of using e bikes is they don’t need petrol, diesel or gas. E-bikes use electricity so, charging cost also reduce. ebikes don’t burn fuels so, they don’t release harmful carbon dioxide. By using electric bike long time in India helps to improve air quality and human life also.

e bikes are safe to operate and economical as well. The e bikes come with the latest technology and latest motor for smooth and silent operation. It’s too affordable to operate using electricity. You can ride 10 paise per kilometre.

With growing market and save the future tunwal e bike manufacturers a wide range of ebikes. These ebikes comes with different kilometre range and capacity. Tunwal ebikes runs 75km to 175km in a single charge. By tunwal ebikes, you can save the environment, enjoy noise free ride, save up to 25,000 Rs. per year. Ebike comes with long battery life, maintenance free drive and many other features like central lock system.

We also give distribution ship for different states. For dealership contact us now. In conclusion, buy ebike and save the earth and secure your life today.