Top Electric Bike in India By Tunwal E Vehicle

Tunwal PVT. LTD. is a leading e-bike manufacturer in India. In this article, we will discuss six different ebikes.

There are different kinds of ebike in the market here we discuss top electric bikes according to its speed, battery, applications, look and other latest features.

The ebikes has different variations according to battery, speed and it is very important to choose perfect for you. Here you will find the best ebike for you.

The first one is Storm ZX. It is designed beautifully to increase the comfort level of rider. There is a charging point for charge cell phones during a ride. This electric bike has a remote control feature for convenience. With the remote control, we can start and stop the engine as well lock and unlock it. There is a unique engine lock feature and has an anti-theft alarm for the safety of the vehicle. So without an owner, no one can even move the ebike.

strom zx stylish ebike

More About Storm ZX

There are two battery variants available which are Lead acid and Li-Ion which comes with different power output and has one year and two years warranty respectively. The high speed of this ebike is 65 km/hr. It takes six to seven hours and consumes only one unit of electricity and it is very economically for daily use.

Another from Tunwal E Vehicle is Sports 63. It has three different models namely Mini, Mid and Super. The three models have different specifications for battery and speed. The mini model run up to 55 km in a single charge. The Mid model has 7h km and the supermodel has 150 km run in single charge. There are two battery options available of Lead-acid and Li-Ion options. The battery takes 6 to 7 hours to charge and consume only one unit of electricity.

mid sport 63 ebike

More About Sports 63

The Tunwal E Vehicle uses tubeless tires in all their vehicles. Tubeless tires have a superior grip on roads and provide extra safety on road. The lifespan of the tubeless tire is long-lasting. The Mini model has 2 and Mid and Supermodel have 3 different speed controls available. The seat setup is accommodating two people easily. The beautiful LED headlights enhance the beauty of e-bike.

Ahead in the list is Electrika 48. The Electrika 48 has more storage space in the legroom. The wheel size is big than other models which increase the comfortable. The keyless operations make it very simple to use. On both the tires have rear and front have disk brakes for extra safety. The new and advanced regenerating breaking system make it very comfortable. This model is used for transport of small to big items.

eleketrika 48 powerful ebike

More About Electrika 48

The most important feature of an electric bike is a suspension. If a suspension is not comfortable the rider feels not satisfied with driving. There are two variants available of 85 km and 140 km run on a single charge. The chassis is very strong and made with a highly rigid tabular frame to increase safety while driving. The three-speed control option is also available. This is a budget buy option for everyone.

The Lithino-Li is latest and highest selling ebike of Tunwal E Vehicle. The Lithino-Li is packed with the latest features in it. The remote key available in this model. There is a backrest for pillion for extra comfort. The seat is ultra soft and gives high comfort while driving. There is a hydraulic suspension in the front and telescopic suspension in rear tire is available in all the models of Tunwal E Vehicle. There are footrests available for a pillion. The beautiful LED headlights and indicator lights increase the overall look. The tubeless tire makes a soothing performance.

Lithino-Li Stylish Electric bike In India

More About Lithino-Li

The charging time is only one to two hours and runs up to 75 Km.  The max speed is 65 km/hr and it is high than other brands model. The bladeless DC motor makes run comfortable and hurdle free. The three-speed control makes it more reliable. The motor compartment is fully waterproof.

In the last there is model name Storm Advance comes with single and dual seat options available. This particular model is useful and designs especially for handicap people. The seat upholstery is nice and gives extra comfort. The armrest and backrest are available for both driver and pillion. This model is three wheeler and it is easy to operate for handicap people. There is a large space for storage in this e-vehicle.

Storm Advance Dual Seater

More About Storm Advance

Like other models, tubeless tire and hydraulic and telescopic suspensions are in this e-bike. The reverse feature is available in this three-wheeler model for convenience.

The e-vehicle doesn’t require any government registration. The government also provide subsidy on it to promote e-vehicles. We humans are always wanted more and more and fulfill our requirement we use natural resources and indirectly harm the nature. The problem of global warming is rise with the unlimited use of natural resources. The emission of greenhouse gases is increasing more and more nowadays. We have to use e-vehicle instead of conventional petrol-powered vehicles. The government has to the aware the public to minimize the use of gasoline vehicles and increase the use of e-vehicles. The e-bikes are economically and have very low to no maintenance. The e-bikes are safe and easy to ride.

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