An Introduction To Electric Bikes

While the market abounds in motorbikes, Electric Bikes will soon be the mode of commutation for almost every household. An important question here is that what exactly are e-bikes? Putting in simple words, e-bikes are like ordinary bikes just that they run on chargeable batteries in place of fuel.

There are varied types of electric bikes that are available in the market. The two major types are:

Pedal assist e-bike: These Electric Bikes come with pedals. Regular pedalling is necessary in order to propel these bikes forward. These e-bikes are usually called pedelecs and usually have a sensor to detect the speed of pedalling and the force of pedalling. Brake activation is also sensed to disable the motor.

Power-on-demand e-bike: These e-bikes have a motor that is activated by a throttle. These e-bikes have a more powerful motor when compared to pedelecs.


The former, however, are more popular throughout the globe. Power-on-demand e-bikes are still struggling to create their foothold in the market. Despite their lack of popularity, we can still find spreading environmental awareness and concern among people which in turn is leading to increasing demand for power-on-demand e-bikes.


Long Battery Life in tunwal ebikes

E-bikes usually use different kinds of batteries. The batteries that are used include nickel-cadmium batteries, sealed lead acid batteries, lithium ion polymer batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries. These batteries vary according to the total charge capacity, voltage, weight ability to handle voltage fluctuation and number of charging cycles.


E-bikes usually have two different kinds of controllers for two different kinds of motors namely, brushless motor or brushed motor. The controller for brushless motor needs to have hall sensor which helps in angle and speed measurement. In the case of brushed motors, such a requirement fades away.


All the electric bikes are usually charged by plugging into ordinary wall outlets. It usually takes eight hours to fully charge an e-bike. However, some of the e-bike manufacturers have started installing high-powered ChadeMo level 2 charger. This particular charger can charge up to 95% in an hour.


no noise

The noise from electric vehicles is almost negligible. They are way quiet than the gas-powered vehicles. Some of the e-bikes are equipped with artificial noise which acts as a safety bonus as the rider can hear the impending danger. However, at high speed, an e-bike is said to screech like a spaceship.

There are a number of e-bike manufacturers in India. The number of these manufacturers is constantly increasing, with each manufacturer bringing in a new and improved offering in the market. There have been pedelecs in India since the year 1993. However, the power-on-demand e-bikes are yet to be taken up in the full swing in the Indian market. Efforts are being taken to accomplish the dream of turning India into an environment-friendly country and improving the trend of e-bikes is one step in furthering towards that direction.

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