Benefits of Buying Family E bike Mid Sport 63 In India

As pollution is one of the biggest concerns in the changing times, it is crucial to substitute pollution-producing vehicles with environment-friendly ones. Tunwal E bikes have successfully taken the onus of introducing high-quality electric bikes in India at pocket-friendly prices for the customers. More and more people are now trying to substitute conventional bikes with e bike in India. One of the path-breaking models of Tunwal is Mid Sport 63. There a number of benefits of buying and using this family e-bike:

mid sport 63 ebike

  • Beautiful design of E Bike – As is the case with almost all the Tunwal bikes, Mid Sport 63 is also made up in an extremely elegant and stylish manner. The body of the vehicle is made up of class one fibre which is usually used in high-grade petroleum vehicles. For the protection of the frame of the e-bike, Zimbild accessories have been installed in the model. These may cost up to Rs. 4000 when used in petrol-run vehicles. The rear of the vehicle has been given a highly efficient aerodynamic look. The front of the e-bike has been very smoothly designed. There is also a logo of NMEM in the front.
  • Classy and safe tired: Mid Sport 63 has wheel-based tubeless tires which provide a great grip on the road. Tubeless tires provide a lot of safety on road. The durability of the vehicle increases with the help of tubeless tires.
  • Comfortable seating and riding experience on E Bike: As the model is supported with telescopic suspension and disk break, the rider enjoys a comfortable riding experience throughout. The comfort quotient is maintained even if the road is bumpy. Disk brake is a highly advanced braking system that has been efficiently employed by Tunwal E-vehicles in their models.
  • Sufficient leg space in E Bike: The leg space in Mid Sport 63 is sufficiently huge when compared to other petrol-run vehicles.
  • Motor of E Bike: High-quality blade motor has been used in this particular model of Tunwal E-Vehicles. It works like the engine of a car. As the motor is waterproof, it is easy to drive it through one feet deep puddle of water as well. It is a single-socket motor which allows for easy puncture-repairs in the vehicle. A special kind of boost technology has been used in the model which increases the load-bearing capacity and durability of the model.
  • Double shockers: Usually electric bikes in India come with a single shocker. Tunwal e-bikes have adjustable double shockers that provide a safer ride to the riders.
  • Dicky: The dicky of the model is huge. You can easily keep your helmet and other small paraphernalia in it. There is also an MCB system in the dicky. In case of any technical flaws, this MCB ensures that the internal pipe of the model is safe. This makes it a superior model when compared to other electric bikes.

All these features along with other innate Tunwal E-bike features make Mid Sport 63 a highly convenient and luxurious model for the riders.

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