Benefits of Buying Powerful Ebike Elektrika 48 In India

Talking about e-bikes in India and not mentioning Elektrika 48 would be a crime. It is one of the cheapest and the most efficient e-bikes to be ever launched in India by the very indigenous Tunwal E-Vehicles. This e-bike has a unique design which is very different from other Tunwal electric bikes in India. This power-loaded vehicle is a great stop for all those looking for e-bikes in India for the following reasons:

eleketrika 48 powerful ebike

Powerful Ebike Elektrika 48 Features:

  • Digital speedometer: Like all the Tunwal e-bikes, Elektrika 48 has a digital speedometer which shows the speed and the charge level in the battery of the bike.
  • Interesting support system: The footrest of the model is highly efficient. One special thing about the rear footrest is that if you open it, it increases in size and you can easily rest up to 250 kgs on weight on it.
  • Leg guard: The front of the bike has leg guard system. It not only protects your legs in case of an accident but also has storage capacity. The storage area in leg guard provides extra storage space where you can keep small commodities while travelling.
  • Dicky in front: This particular Tunwal model comes with an additional dicky in the front which can be easily opened via the e-bike key. It provides enhanced storage ability to keep and carry small items.
  • Side footrest for the rider: The rider of the e-bike gets additional side footrests. He/she can easily open it and use it when any big item is placed in the leg space during transit. It is a very interesting feature that lacks in most of the Indian e-bike models.
  • Security: The anti-theft alarm is the inherent feature in all the Tunwal e-bikes. Another feature that Electrika 48 has and which is very important from safety point of view is that if the stand of the e-bike is down, the handles will get locked. This will ensure that the rider does not ride the bike by keeping the stand of the bike down. Apart from this, this e-bike also has a motor locking feature.
  • Control: The bike can be easily centrally controlled with the help of a remote. You can start, stop, lock or unlock your Elektrika 48 with the remote which is provided to you when you buy this model.
  • Minimum running cost: In one single charge, the bike can run for up to 140 km which is a very high mileage when compared to other e-bikes in the Indian market. This bike comes with an only lead-acid battery that takes up to 6-7 hours to charge fully. It consumes only 1 unit of electricity in one charge. Hence you can easily ride for 140 km in Rs. 10.

Elektrika 48 is the best model of Tunwal E-Vehicles. It has been widely appreciated by the customers as it has high storage capacity and high comfort quotient. It provides high value for the money spent.

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