Benefits of Buying Powerful Family Ebike Super Sport 63 In India

Tunwal E-Vehicles launched its supreme Super Sport 63 in India recently. The bike has been a huge hit in the Indian market. Considering the low popularity of electric bikes in India, this model has fared better than its many other competitors. It is not only pocket-friendly but also value for the price. It is a very good option for the Indian e-bikers because of the following reasons:

Super Sport 63 Electric Bike Benefits In India

  • Good design: Super Sport 63 has a sleek yet a rigid frame. It comes in a number of colors. The front of the e-bike has been very smoothly designed. Zimbild accessories have been installed in the model. Someone who buys this model won’t have to purchase any other add-on accessory for this bike. The body of the vehicle is reinforced by high strength steel chassis. It has an aerodynamic style which is highly efficient.
  • Good seat: The seat of the model is ultra-comfortable. It is spacious and can easily seat two bulky people. The model is reinforced with disk break and telescopic suspension which provides a highly comfortable and enjoyable riding experience to the rider. The bike has 220 kgs of load capacity which is a lot when compared to other Indian e-bike models.
  • Big leg space: Super Sport 63 has big leg space. You can easily place or hang a big item in this area and move it places with comfort. There is also a big carrier at the rear on which you can easily mount any big item. There won’t be any hassles in transporting items up to 40 kgs.
  • Superior tires: Tunwal bikes come with tubeless tires and regenerating braking system which provides increased safety on road. The durability of the bike increases with both these features.
  • No maintenance costs: The best part about e-bikes is that the maintenance cost is minimum. The only cost that needs to be borne by the rider is that of rotation of the battery which is a must if he/she wants to enjoy the full benefit of riding an e-bike. On an average, an e-bike rider can save more than five thousand rupees yearly with e-bikes when compared to conventional bikes.
  • Battery: As is the case with all the Tunwal e-bikes, Super Sport 63 comes with two battery variants ie. Lead acid battery with a one-year warranty and lithium-ion battery with a two-year warranty. The best part about this particular Tunwal e-bike model is that with one charge, the bike can cover a distance of 150 km. It takes 6-7 hours to charge the battery.

Super Sport 63 is a refined version of the Mid Sport 63 by Tunwal E-Vehicles. The superiority of this model lies in the travel capacity of the battery with every charge. It is a highly viable option for those who have to travel long distances every day.

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