Benefits of Buying Stylish and Powerful Lithino-Li

About Manufacturer

The main motto of the company is to minimize the running cost of the bike and save the environment. And Tunwal did it very well by making electric bikes with different models and uses. The hiking price for petrol day by day is a problem for riders and increases the running cost and this problem is solved by Tunwal leading electric bike manufacturer in India by making ebike in affordable price and has low running cost. The Lithino-Li is latest design ebike by tunwal.

Lithino-Li Stylish Electric bike In India

Lithino-Li Key Features

Tunwal is leading e-bike manufacturer in India. They continue working on a design and improve their products as well as launch new ones. In India ebikes are less popular but Tunwal ebikes comes with good design, better performance and newest technology. These electric bikes are true value for money buy and help to prevent environmentally and promote green India.  The Lithino-Li model is very famous and has high selling number. This model has a very large number of satisfying customers.

Excellent Look of Lithino-Li

The Lithino-Li is designed to provide more facilities to a rider. Build quality is strong with inbuilt accessories. That means buyer don’t want to buy separately. There are two beautifully designed and beautiful rear view mirrors. There is backrest available for a person who sits behind. The aerodynamic design increases the performance.


Tunwal uses tubeless tire for all their models. Tubeless tires make a grip with road and give a comfortable ride. The tubeless tires give better performance than the air-tube tires.


Lithino-Li has hydraulic on the front and telescopic suspension on the rear side with advanced disk brake technology in the front and had drum brake at the rear wheel. For more comfortable like no other e-bikes, it has two adjustable shockers for an enjoyable and comfortable ride. The high rigid tabular frame chassis makes drive smoothly.


This electric bike requires 2-3 hours for a full charge and runs up to 100kms. The Lithino-Li has BLDC motor which gives high performance and has a high speed of 65 km/hr. This electric bike is powered by Li-ion battery which comes with two years warranty. This makes it long lasting up to 1500 cycles. It takes 1 unit of electricity to fully charge and the cost is less than the petrol powered bikes.

Other Features

The widely used digital speedometer is used in Tunwal’s Lithino-Li. There is a number of colors available to choose from. This model is ARAI certified. There is no worry of being theft your e-bike, like all of Tunwal’s other models Lithino-Li comes with Anti-Theft Alarm which provides extra safety. The seat accommodates two adult riders and is very comfortable. There are footrests on both sides for the comfortable of pillion rider and it is very rare in other ebikes available in India.


The dicky is very important in e-bikes. There is two dicky available in the Lithino-Li. First is the rear side for putting small items. The second one is large and has space to put a helmet and other items in it. The dicky space provides in this ebike is higher than any other e-bike available in the India.

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