Benefits of Buying Stylish E Bike Strom ZX In India

Among all the electric bike manufacturers in India, Tunwal E-vehicle has established has itself as a reputed name. Ever since it came into the E bike market, it has been launching path-breaking e bike in India. One of its biggest bets to date has been the stylish Storm ZX. There are a number of benefits of buying and using this model. They are:

Why You Choose Electric Bike In India?

strom zx stylish ebike

    1. A sleek and stylish frame of the e bike: Storm ZX comes in a number of colours to choose from. It has a stylish LED headlamp and strong indicators with a buzzer. It has a stylish tail light which consumes very less battery. It has a small hook where you can hang and carry small items. The highly rigid tubular frame is a big plus of Storm ZX. It is reinforced by high strength steel chassis.
    2. Charge: Storm ZX is capable of running 75 km on a single charge. The model comes in two battery variants. One is the lead acid battery which comes with a one-year warranty. The other one is the lithium-ion battery which comes with a two-year warranty. The entire life of these batteries is 500 and 1500 cycles respectively. They take 6-7 hours to charge completely and consume only one unit of electricity. The batteries are protected from undercharge and overcharge as the charger comprises of smart sensors that can regulate the flow of current to the battery of the vehicle.
    3. Different key model: A very big plus with Tunwal e bike is that they have a peculiar key model. It is very difficult to duplicate the key of their bikes. Hence the chances of theft have been minimized.
    4. Anti-theft alarm: All the e bike of Tunwal come with anti-theft alarm as against the other e-bikes in India. You won’t have to additionally install an anti-theft alarm system in your e bike to avail its benefits. As soon as someone tries to steal your bike, the alarm will start beeping and the tires will be locked. Hence your bike will be safe.
    5. No problem of suspension: Storm ZX has telescopic suspension and disc brake which make it a highly endurable model. On the rear side, the e bike comes with two shockers. These shockers can be easily adjusted instantly as per your needs.
    6. No registration needed: When you purchase the model, you are given a free card which states that you need not register your e-bike before use. It is also not necessary to have a license for riding Tunwal e-bikes. This is a very big plus with Tunwal bikes and is advantageous over regular bikes in India.
    7. Economical: All the models of Tunwal e bike are highly economical. Storm ZX is priced at a pocket-friendly 50000 INR approximately as against the costly variants of other brands.

All in all, Storm ZX has been a highly successful e-bike model in India. It has been highly appreciated and reviewed by its users.

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