How to Choose the Right E-Bike in India?

Buying an e-bike can be a daunting task for people. There are multiple instances when people invested their hard-earned money in an e-bike which didn’t work out very well for them. No e-bike manufacturer will tell you all the factors that you must consider while choosing an e-bike. We have made special efforts to list down all the important determinants that you must check out before choosing your ideal e-bike.

Power and Terrain in Ebike

The first and the foremost factor that should be kept in mind is the power of the e-bike. Your weight and the power of the bike go hand in hand. If you are on the bulkier, we would suggest you buy an e-bike with higher voltage battery and Watt motor. There are usually two types of motors: HUB motors and Mid-drive motors. HUB motors are pretty restrictive when you have to travel on hills or a rugged terrain. They can heat up soon and lose power with time. Hence, they are suitable for a consistent terrain. On the other hand, mid-drive motors are perfect for a rugged terrain.

Batteries in Ebike

Long Battery Life in tunwal ebikes

The battery in an e-bike is more like the gas tanker in your car. Look for the size of batteries in terms of Watt-hours. It will help you in making a good comparison among the available choices.

Speed in E-Bike

lithino li ebike in india

It is a very important consideration that must be taken into account when choosing an e-bike. E-bikes are comparatively slower than the normal petrol scooters. Hence speed becomes a very important parameter. Most of the e-bike brands provide an average of 25 kmph on an average. The top speed that an e-bike will be able to provide you shall be 45 kmph which is way low than the average 100 kmph that is provided by the petrol bikes.

Storage space in e-bike

Storage is another important consideration that must be thought of while purchasing an e-bike in India. In the Indian scenario, the storage capacity of most of the e-bikes is around 25 liters.

Quality and Budget in E-Bike

strom zx ebike with power

There are a number of e-bike manufacturers in India. Some of them are highly appreciated by the Indian customers. Your budget is an important factor to help you determine your ideal e-bike. If you plan to ride often via your e-bike, then buying a cheap model will not do you any good. The bike will wear out easily and quickly. Hence the best quality of e-bike must be chosen from the market.


steel chassis in e-bike

The frame of the e-bike must be looked into when making your choice. After all, no one wants a weakly built e-bike that would not be sturdy and safe on the road. Hence a highly rigid and tabular frame of the bike is a must. Strength and support of steel chassis would be an added advantage for the rider.

It is crucial to consider these factors when choosing your e-bike in India. To get the best possible insights, it is always advisable to take a test drive for assessing the suitability of the product.

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