Petrol bikes VS Electric bikes

The electric scooters are known for low maintenance, economical and pollution free. The electric bikes in India are very popular but they had struggled when it launched. People generally didn’t except it very fast but after a performance, it is very popular these days and the number of electric bikes is increasing rapidly.

So what is the difference between electric and petrol scooter. The petrol bike got power from its internal combustion engine and requires petrol as fuel while the electric bike has an electric motor which got power from the battery pack which already installed in electric bike. The battery is not the same as a petrol bike have as it drives the electric bike. There is 48 Volt battery contains four 12 Volt batteries in series connection. The battery capacity is from 20AH to 40AH depend from a motor. The motor is available from 250 Watt to 500 Watts. As the power increase, the price also rises with it.

The electric scooter comes with very less maintenance and Li-Ion or Lead- Acid battery. In the accessories, the battery charger comes with it to charge it anywhere. The rider has to connect the charger to a battery to charge it. The charging time is around 6 to 8 hours depends on different battery capacity. The electric scooter runs up to 75 to 100 km as per battery capacity. As per the manufacturer, the battery took 1 unit of electricity which is extremely low against the petrol price. The petrol scooter required regular maintenance where the electric one requires comparatively very low maintenance. As per environment perspective, the electric scooter wins the race against the conventional ones.

The running cost of electric bikes is very low compared to petrol bikes. The electric bikes don’t require any registration. It also doesn’t require the license and not to pay road tax. The state and central government provide a subsidy for an electric scooter. We have to use more and more electric vehicles to save the environment. Tunwal E-Vehicle PVT LTD is leading electric vehicle manufacture in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. There are different models according to a requirement like Storm ZX, Mini Sport 63, SuperSport 63, Storm Advance, Elektrika 48 and Lithino-Li and these models have various variants as per need. All the electric bikes are made with the latest technology and have a strong build quality. There are dealers are available in all over India. Visit your nearest branch for more information.

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