What Should You Know Before You Order Your First E-BIKE?

Purchasing a two-wheeler involves a decent amount of investment. With the increase in competition in the e-bike market in India, it is extremely important to purchase your first e-bike with great care. There are a number of e-bike manufacturers that offer different features in their respective products. It is hence crucial to study the market and the product extremely well before purchasing it. There are some things that you must keep in mind before purchasing your first e-bike. These are:

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Your e-bike should be easy to plug in. Unlike electric cars in foreign countries which can easily be charged at dedicated charging stations, e-bikes in India have to be charged at your home or office. India still doesn’t have charging station system. Usually, an e-bike can be easily charged within 5-7 hours. You can easily travel up to 75-150 km on one charge. Hence, it is extremely crucial to keep this factor in mind when you are purchasing your first e-bike.

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Limited distance coverage is an important consideration to be thought of. An e-bike will travel a maximum of 150 km on one charge. This is not the case with motorbikes because you can easily fuel your two-wheeler as and when needed.


E-bikes offer a budget ride to the commuters. An average e-bike costs 38000 INR in the Indian market. This makes e-bikes a pocket-friendly option in comparison to the motorbikes which cost anywhere between 50000-150000 INR in the Indian market. The maintenance cost of the e-bikes is minimum which and you can easily save up to Rs. 25000 every year with them.



E-bikes come with additional features as well. As e-bikes are a newly emerging phenomenon, they are being made with new and improved features. This offers a major plus over the existing motorbike norm in the society. Some of the best-rated e-bikes now come with the anti-theft feature. As per this feature, the wheels of the e-bike automatically get locked whenever someone tries to steal it. Hence this makes e-bike more amenable to acceptance in the Indian market.


The government, in order to promote the use of environment-friendly products, has also provided subsidiary schemes to many e-bike manufacturers in India. The benefit of these subsidiary schemes has been passed on to the customers, hence bringing down the total cost of the two-wheeler to the end customer. This makes e-bikes a more economically viable option when compared to usual motorbikes.


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There are a number of colours in which the e-bikes are available to the customers. Unlike the traditional motorbikes which are available in banal grey, white and black colours, you can find e-bikes in blue, purple, pink and red as well.

E-bikes in India are entirely different in their price, technology and design and are hence highly appreciated by the Indian customers. Keeping these factors in mind shall definitely help you in making your first purchase.

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