Why An Electric Bike?

The adoption rate for e-bike is increasing. More and more electric bike manufacturers are emerging in the market. The tempt of electronic bikes in India has increased manifold as the months have passed by. Asia, particularly, is the largest e-bike market. The tempt for e-bikes is for a number of reasons, some of the major ones being:

Green and Clean

Long Battery Life in tunwal ebikes

Electric bikes, as the name suggests, run on electricity which is an environment-friendly source of energy. E-bikes do not have any emissions as such and help in reducing pollution level in the atmosphere. Eco-friendly alternatives are in vogue today because of the concern for rising temperatures throughout the world. In order to save our planet, reducing pollution levels is a must and e-bikes bring us closer to our goal of saving our planet. They also help in cutting down noise pollution levels.

No license needed


Riders of e-bikes usually do not need a license. They also do not need to register their vehicle. As per the law in force in India, bikes which run at a speed of 25 kmph or lesser and which consume less than 250 watts of power are not required to get their own license or register their vehicle. These exemptions allow the vehicle and its rider to not be under the jurisdiction of any Road Transport Authority.

Zero Maintenance Costs

maintenance free ebike

The maintenance level required for the two-wheeler is minimum. Hence the expenses for the electric bike are not extensive and can be easily borne by the rider. E-bikes are usually powered by Lead acid batteries or lithium ion batteries which can be easily charged via a plug socket. These batteries provide 500 and 1500 cycles respectively. You get a 1-year warranty for the lead acid batteries and a 2-year warranty for the lithium-ion batteries. There is no need to fuel your vehicle with petrol or diesel. After all the calculations, we have figured out that you can easily save Rs. 25000 every year if you opt for e-bikes in place of motorbikes.


Electric bikes usually have 40 kmph as their speed limit. Hence speeding is not an option with e-bikes. Another safety quotient of these bikes is that the batteries in e-bikes are completely safe from undercharging or overcharge. In case there is a high or low current flow or voltage fluctuation, the batteries won’t burst as they come with smart sensors which determine the level of charge and then adjust accordingly. Hence the customer is fully protected.

Capital investment factor

The capital investment that you have to do when purchasing an electric bike is nearly the same as that of a motorbike. However, you get variable cost benefits in the long run. Hence, e-bikes are considered to be a better alternative than the motorbikes.

While these are the main features as to why you should invest in an e-bike, it is highly recommended to do company-specific and model-specific research when evaluating different options available in the market.

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